Foxy Collection: Hip style for teens and young adults 

Fun, hip and trendy at an affordable price. This line is designed to let you stand out with style and sophistication.

Jovial Stack set Front view jpg final.jpg

NEW! Jovial


Brown/Tan, Brown/Pink, or Gray/Blue

Boho Chic: 51-16-135 Available in Black Berry, Chestnut or Plum

Bounce: 51-17-135 Available in Sapphire, Tortoise/Purple or Chestnut

Jovial: 52-17-135 Available in Brown/Pink, Brown/Tan or Gray/Blue

Geekalicious: 49-17-135 Available in Burgundy/Pink, Black, Brown/Blue, or Tortoise

Fling: 52-17-135 Available in Black/Red or Burgundy/White

I Heart You: 49-18-135 Available in Black/Pink, Brown/Blue or Plum

Paisley: 48-17-135 Available in Blue Bell, Chocolate, Plum Crazy

Follow Me: 50-19-130 Available in Chocolate or Black with Silver Stripes

Swagg: 52-16-140 Available in Cobalt, Maple or Mulberry

Petal: 48-16-135 Available in Brown or Black

Stunna: 49-17-132 Available in Eggplant, Carnation or Onyx

Purr-fect: 50-17-135 Available in Orchid, Onyx or Chocolate