Common Cents:  You don't have to be a rocket scientist

A multi-generation eyewear line thats in style and on trend but without the heavy price tag. Why pay more when you can get the same great look and quality at a fraction of the cost. It's just common "cents".

Cheddar: 54-15-135 Available in Black/Berry, Caramel, Raspberry or Plum

Quid: 50-17-135, 52-18-140 or 54-18-145 Available in Mt Navy, Burgundy, Mt. Black or Mt Tortoise

Sterling: 54-16-140 Available in Brown Fade, Black Fade or Navy Fade

Pound: 48-19-130 or 50-19-135 Available in Black Cherry, Black or Tortoise

Koruna: 50-16-135, 52-16-140 or 54-16-140, Available in Ruby, Caramel or Black

Toonie: 48-17-135, 50-17-140 or 52-17-145, Available in Cherry Bomb, Blue Marble or Green Marble

Kroner: 56-18-140 Available in Brown, Black or Gunmetal

Euro: 50-17-135 Available in Brown or Wine

Guilder: 51-18-140 Available in Black/Lime or Gunmetal/Blue

Rand: 52-17-140 Available in Brown or Black

Sole: 50-15-135 Available in Purple or Black