Ethan Henry: Style for today's Renaissance Man

For the sophisticated man, that wants to show his powerful but sensitive side. This line has stylish shapes complimented by masculine details and bold colors which gives it the perfect blend of quality, comfort and style. 

EH-600: 55-17-145 Available in Grey/Lime, or Brown/Blue

EH-501: 60-17-145 Available in Brown or Gunmetal

EH-165: 53-18-140 Available in Chestnut or Ash

EH-170: 54-18-140, Available in Ebony/Crystal or Chestnut

EH-145: 56-17-140, Available in Chestnut, Onyx or Silver

EH-150: 54-19-145, Available in Walnut or Charcoal

EH-160: 54-18-140, Available in Gunmetal & Midnight

EH-175: 54-17-145 Available in Navy or Chestnut

EH-195: 56-16-140, Available in Chestnut, Charcoal or Onyx