Flexy Eyewear: Durable, Lightweight, Stylish 

Our memory metal line of frames meets the demands of the most hard to please customer. Durable material to withstand real-life use, lightweight so they remain comfortable throughout the day and design that never goes out of style while all at a great price. 

Casper: 42-19-120 Available in Gunmetal or Brown

Chuck: 53-19-140 Available in Black, Brown or Gunmetal

Jayme: 41-18-120 Available in Brown, Navy or Plum

Jennifer: 50-18-140 Available in Champagne or Wine

Jim: 53-20-140 Available in Brown, Gold or Gunmetal

Josh: 49-18-135 Available in Ant. Blue, Black or Coffee

Kayla: 43-19-120 Available in Black, Garnet, Pink

KJ: 45-18-135 Available in Black, Brown or Gunmetal

Maddox: 51-18-135 Available in Black, Coffee or Gunmetal

Quinn: 46-18-125 Available in Black, Brown or Navy

Stan: 54-16-140 Available in Coffee, Gold, Gunmetal

Teri: 51-19-135 Available in Brown, Burgundy or Charcoal