Foxy Collection: Hip style for teens and young adults 

Fun, hip and trendy at an affordable price. This line is designed to let you stand out with style and sophistication.

Geekalicious: 49-17-135 Available in Burgundy/Pink, Black, Brown/Blue, or Tortoise/Cream

Bounce: 51-17-135 Available in Sapphire or Tortoise/Purple

Jovial: 52-17-135 Available in Brown/Pink, Brown/Tan or Gray/Blue


Off the Hook: 51-15-135 Available in Teal, Plum, or Cocoa

Paisley: 48-17-135 Available in Blue Bell, Chocolate, Plum Crazy

Stunna: 49-17-132 Available in Eggplant, Carnation or Onyx

I Heart You: 49-18-135 Available in Black/Pink, Brown/Blue or Plum

Swagg: 52-16-140 Available in Cobalt, Maple or Mulberry

Boho Chic: 51-16-135 Available in Plum or Chestnut

Bailey: 53-16-140 Available in Brown or Tortoise

Elley: 47-20-145 Available in Havana or Tortoise

Lucy: 52-17-142 Available in Blue or Tortoise

Molly: 51-16-135, Available in Purple or Blue

Riley: 52-18-140 Available in Tortoise/Blue or Dark Tortoise

Zoey: 55-18-140 Available in Black/Blue or Burgundy