Designed for the women that is classy and sophisticated. They want a unique look that will set them apart from the crowd but are not into fly-by-night fads. They are still looking for good buys and many wear progressives but don’t want to be mistaken for their grandmothers.

Vogue: 54-16-135 Available in Onyx, Moonstone or Ruby

Allure: 50-16-130 Available in Eggplant, Onyx or Cinnamon

Breezy: 49-17-130 Available in Chestnut, Olive or Onyx

Charisma: 53-18-135 Available in Gold, Rose or Silver

Grace: 55-17-140 Available in Merlot, Frost or Chocolate

Luminous: 51-18-135 Available in Chocolate or Onyx