Beyond Computer Free-Form lenses are designed to ease the visual tension experienced by spending long hours staring at electronic devices in close-up or desktop environments. They eliminate the need for wearers to constantly remove their single-vision glasses or adjust position when switching between the computer and desktop work. Ordinary progressive lenses have a large distance area that is not designed for desktop work and an intermediate area that is difficult to use with a computer, especially with stronger add powers. Beyond Computer Free-Form lenses have a full height, extra wide intermediate area that smoothly accelerates into the ample reading area. 

Wearers will appreciate the wide full power area for reading, and smooth comfortable vision without strain or constant adjustment when using a computer, or when switching between various desktop tasks. Cell phones, tablets and other small electronic devices can also be viewed at a comfortable distance without straining the eyes. 

The full reading area begins at 10mm below the fitting point to provide sharp focus at the standard 35cm reading distance. The lens power then reverses linearly as the eye rotates up through the 25mm intermediate corridor. The lens power at the fitting point (lens GC) is reduced by 40%, providing sharp visual focus at the standard 50cm computer monitor distance.

 Specialty Lenses Designed for All Day Comfort

  • Digitally surfaced Free-Form technology delivers the precise Rx and widest possible fields of view 
  • Sharp, stable vision at the standard reading (35cm) and computer monitor (50cm) distances
  • Soft design with smooth power transition ensures instant accommodation
  • Eliminates the uncomfortable head tilting experienced by standard progressive lens wearers when using a computer
  • Three types are available, reversing the reading power by -1.00D, -1.50D or -2.00D

Prescribing Beyond Computer Free-Form Lenses

To prescribe, specify the single-vision reading power and the monocular near PD. Choose the fitting height as you would with a regular progresive. Use the Universal Selection Chart to choose the reverse power type (-1.00D, -1.50D or -2.00D).