Transitions Generation 8

Starting July 1st Transitions will begin to roll out their newest generation of photochromic lenses, and it will take place over the course of 6 months. There is nothing that lab customers need to do as Encore Vision will replace older Transitions VII stock with Generation 8 as it becomes available.

The following products will be the first replaced starting July 1st: CR-39 Plastic single vision, Flat-top 28, Flat-top 35, 7x28 trifocal, 8x35 trifocal, Image, and Encore Digital products. Polycarbonate single vision, Image, and Encore Digital products. Lastly, 1.67 Index single vision, Image, and Encore Digital products.

Other materials will start at a later date and might also experience delays in the roll out. Contact Encore Vision for more information.

Specialty Lens Designs from IOT

In addition to the new digital progressive and bifocal offerings, Encore is adding on more specialty lenses from IOT.

  • IOT Reader is a new “computer/office” style lens that brings more options to the dispenser and patient. This lens handles smaller B-measurement frames better than the Beyond Computer and can also handle a wider range of add power. Depending on the patient’s work environment, they can pick four different versions of the office lens: 1.3meter (4ft), 2m (6.5ft), 4m (13ft), and 6m (20ft)

  • IOT Acomoda is a digital lens option for anti-fatigue style lenses. We expect this will be a very popular lens because it provides pre-presbyopia patients with some relief when doing tasks up close. This lens can be for any age and has several add power options (0.50, 0.75, 1.00).

    • This lens pairs well with the blue-blocking material for better eye comfort throughout the day.

  • Three lenses offer “lenticularization” options. They are listed in bold on your price guide: IOT SV, IOT Everyday, and IOT Ultimate. It ensures both that the patient has an area of clear vision and reduces the thickness of the lenses where it is not needed (typically a 45mm diameter area). This will make the patient’s glasses lighter, and may allow patients to choose frames that they couldn’t previously.

Call or e-mail Encore for more information regarding these lenses. 

New Lenses from Indizen Optical Technologies

Encore continually strives to bring the best lens designs available to our customers. We contracted with Indizen Optical Technologies (IOT) to fill the remaining gaps in our lens offerings and provide additional lens designs.

  • We now have digital bifocal offerings!

    • There is a new digital round segment 28mm and a 40mm variant. They have a 2.5mm transition zone (unusable area) which leaves a usable area of 25 and 35mm respectively. In testing, people have found they really enjoy the 40mm version of this lens

    • The IOT B-Free lens has a slightly more blended bifocal region than the digital round, but offers many of the same benefits as the digital round segment designs.

  • There are two new progressive lenses available!

    • IOT Everyday is a full backside digital lens that is a great “go-to” progressive. This lens design can go down to a 14mm minimum fitting height. This allows for smaller B-measurement frames without upgrading to a more expensive lens. Additionally, this lens has a variable inset which allows the lab to place the bifocal region in a more accurate spot for each individual patient. 

    • The IOT Ultimate is an exciting offering that has everything the Seiko Superior lens has and more, at a more accessible price. This utilizes IOT’s patented “Digital Ray-Path” technology to make a more customized pair of lenses that takes every aspect into account.

      • IOT Ultimate can accept the pantoscopic tilt, frame wrap angle, near working distance, and back vertex distance. These additional parameters are optional, and the software will use default values if not provided.

There are many new offerings, and we will bring more information in the coming weeks.

We've Added Digital Lenses and Equpment

We've made the capital investment to purchase free-form digital equipment in our goal to be an all inclusive frame and lens supplier. We have been behind the scenes fine tuning the Schneider Optical equipment, and Seiko lens designs to be a perfect fit for your practice. This will allow us to bring the highest quality and value to your patients.

We have a full line up of digital lens offerings including our own in house designs called BEYOND. Call or message the lab to learn more information on the new equipment or lenses.

New Anti-Reflective Coating!

We have upgraded our anti-reflective coating! We’ve been able to negotiate a great deal with Seiko Optical to bring you the Super Surpass ECP on our 1&2 year warranty anti-reflective. This has proven to be an industry leader in its toughness, retaining its hydrophobic properties after 20,000 wipes in testing. You can find more information here. 

We've also been able to procure a great blue blocking AR coat; It carries a 2 year warranty. You can find the new pricing on the 2016 price guide.

Welcome to our new website!

We are excited to launch our new website design to better serve you. Along with updating our brand image we wanted to improve your online experience with us. With new frame styles, digital lab and value adds on their way we needed a better way to share and communicate with our valued customers. Our online presence will continue to be a work in progress as we add and improve so check back regularly. Thank you for your business and we look forward to exceeding your expectations.

Keep up to date with our blog and upcoming newsletter. We always have new frames, special promotions and events that we want to keep you up to date on. So check back regularly for all the newest and best Encore Vision news.

View our frame offerings from anywhere. We are developing an online gallery of all our of our frames which you can search anytime and anywhere. 

Better customer service online. To make paying your bill, ordering and checking the status of an order more convenient you can access our our Customer Portal for easy self service. You will need to contact us for login credentials if you haven't already. But don't worry, you can expect the same personal service anytime you need us rather you call, email or message us.

There is a lot more to come. We have even more planned for you to make partnering with us even more valuable. Our new platform will give us the tools to add even more helpful resources, convenience and service.