Beyond Elite lenses take advantage of SEIKO Optical Products patented internal free-form technology. The Beyond Elite design customizes aspheric compensation in the progressive channel based on the patient’s complete Rx. This results in much wider viewing areas throughout the lens. 

Beyond lenses are available in a wide variety of materials and lens treatment options, including polarized and Transitions® lenses. 

Beyond Elite uses a universal blended design that provides ample distance vision and a wide reading area. It is a good choice for emerging presbyopes, as well as experienced wearers and is ideally suited for all add power prescriptions and difficult Rx’s. 

  • Advanced aspheric compensation (measured power) in the intermediate and near zones reduces aberrations and compensates for pantoscopic tilt to provide the best optics in the as-worn position 
  • Available in three corridor lengths: 10, 12 and 14mm, with three fitting heights, respectively at 14, 16 and 18mm.