Beyond SV: Free-Form Single Vision Lenses

Beyond SV is a design for aspheric single vision lenses. It combines free-form back surface aspheric/atoric design with a spherical front surface to provide single vision lens wearers with an optimized optical correction. 

  • 100% of the aspheric/atoric design is surfaced on the back side of the lens. 
  • The aspheric/atoric design is optimized in both the spherical and cylindrical power. 
  • The design is optimized according to the lens material. 
  • Center thickness and edge thickness are reduced. 
  • Minimizes optical aberrations for the worn position.


  • Lens type: Backside aspheric single vision lens
  • Lens design: Optimized aspheric surface for all power ranges, lens thickness and lens materials 
  • Fitting point: Geometric center
  • Power range: Dependent on index of lens substrate, see ranges on reverse 
  • Diameter: Dependent on base curve 
  • Prism power: Up to 3.00 diopters per pair