New Lenses from Indizen Optical Technologies

Encore continually strives to bring the best lens designs available to our customers. We contracted with Indizen Optical Technologies (IOT) to fill the remaining gaps in our lens offerings and provide additional lens designs.

  • We now have digital bifocal offerings!

    • There is a new digital round segment 28mm and a 40mm variant. They have a 2.5mm transition zone (unusable area) which leaves a usable area of 25 and 35mm respectively. In testing, people have found they really enjoy the 40mm version of this lens

    • The IOT B-Free lens has a slightly more blended bifocal region than the digital round, but offers many of the same benefits as the digital round segment designs.

  • There are two new progressive lenses available!

    • IOT Everyday is a full backside digital lens that is a great “go-to” progressive. This lens design can go down to a 14mm minimum fitting height. This allows for smaller B-measurement frames without upgrading to a more expensive lens. Additionally, this lens has a variable inset which allows the lab to place the bifocal region in a more accurate spot for each individual patient. 

    • The IOT Ultimate is an exciting offering that has everything the Seiko Superior lens has and more, at a more accessible price. This utilizes IOT’s patented “Digital Ray-Path” technology to make a more customized pair of lenses that takes every aspect into account.

      • IOT Ultimate can accept the pantoscopic tilt, frame wrap angle, near working distance, and back vertex distance. These additional parameters are optional, and the software will use default values if not provided.

There are many new offerings, and we will bring more information in the coming weeks.