Specialty Lens Designs from IOT

In addition to the new digital progressive and bifocal offerings, Encore is adding on more specialty lenses from IOT.

  • IOT Reader is a new “computer/office” style lens that brings more options to the dispenser and patient. This lens handles smaller B-measurement frames better than the Beyond Computer and can also handle a wider range of add power. Depending on the patient’s work environment, they can pick four different versions of the office lens: 1.3meter (4ft), 2m (6.5ft), 4m (13ft), and 6m (20ft)

  • IOT Acomoda is a digital lens option for anti-fatigue style lenses. We expect this will be a very popular lens because it provides pre-presbyopia patients with some relief when doing tasks up close. This lens can be for any age and has several add power options (0.50, 0.75, 1.00).

    • This lens pairs well with the blue-blocking material for better eye comfort throughout the day.

  • Three lenses offer “lenticularization” options. They are listed in bold on your price guide: IOT SV, IOT Everyday, and IOT Ultimate. It ensures both that the patient has an area of clear vision and reduces the thickness of the lenses where it is not needed (typically a 45mm diameter area). This will make the patient’s glasses lighter, and may allow patients to choose frames that they couldn’t previously.

Call or e-mail Encore for more information regarding these lenses.